Such a lucky girl


I should be writing an essay right now. Actually, I should be at uni right now, but I decided to skip today’s tutorial on research and evidence in health science.

I fly out to Santiago, Chile at 6:40 on Sunday morning. I have been making lists, lists and more lists of things that need to be done before I go. This morning I realised that I was never going to tick everything off unless something went, so my uni tutorial had to go. Now, I should be writing my essay that is due Tuesday, but instead I am obsessing over fitting all my mandatory gear and food into my bag and running 250km across the Atacama Desert.

My good friend Duncan told me that life is like a stove top – you’ve got four hot plates, each representing a different facet of your life. It’s okay to supercharge one hot plate at the neglect of another from time to time, but you can’t expect to have all four hot plates firing at maximum heat all at the same time.

I have come to realise this week that not only are all my hot plates turned up to maximum heat, but I’ve got too many friggin’ hot plates!

I guess I just have to let the cooker burn now. I’ve probably ruined the rice, but if I can save the legumes I’ll be happy. Actually, I think the legumes are cooked to perfection.

So yes, life is madness, but when I reflect on the last few months of training and life, well I’m pretty happy.

Training has been spot on. No stone has been left unturned. The last three months my weekly mileage has been between 80-110km. Most weeks have been comfortably in the 90-100 range. That is really good for me. When I reflect on my training for Big Red, I only did one week of 100km. Every other week sat around 70-80.

CrossFit has been great in developing my overall strength and giving me confidence, agility and despite the myths that CrossFit is an injury prone sport (yes, it is if you do it WRONG), I have stayed injury free this whole training block.

I have incorporated altitude training, speed work and Bikram yoga into my schedule.

On reflection, I don’t think there is anything that I would change.

Despite the fact that my hot plates are all burning out of control, I’m so bloody happy. I have been trying to catch up with as many friends as possible in the last week before I fly out. As I walked down Brunswick Street on Wednesday night after dinner with my dear friend Jo, I thought, God I am so friggin happy!

A few years ago, Melbourne was a cold and lonely place for me. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted out of life. I felt totally lost – lost in myself and lost in this city of unfamiliar faces.

Now, Melbourne is home. I have wonderful friends, friends who I am so grateful to for their continued support, friends who inspire me every day and friends who I will miss while I am away.

In a couple of weeks when I’m trudging through the desert with a heavy pack on my back, sleep deprived, stinky, hot, uncomfortable and in a world of pain, I hope I have the strength to remind myself how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have wonderful friends, loving family and a supportive partner who just shrugs his shoulders and says “Oh your life” every time I tell him of my next adventure. How lucky I am to have a body willing and able to attempt such a feat. How lucky I am to do these things for fun! I am a lucky, lucky girl.


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2 responses to “Such a lucky girl”

  1. Sandra says :

    you never cease to Amaze me Tash. I wish you all the very best in your new adventure. xxxxx

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