I loooove da cake


Ohhhhh what a good weekend! Cake, pasta, chocolate, more pasta, wine, wine and wine!

Not really the way you prepare to run 250km across the desert. Yep, I even went without my long run. Oh well, shit happens. There are good training weeks and not so good weeks. If I were training for a cake eating competition then last week was a success, but I’m not.

In all seriousness it wasn’t terrible. Yes I skipped my long run, but I did manage:

– two runs with my heavy pack;
– my first altitude training session. This involved 10km of interval work at 2600m above sea level – all carried out on a treadmill with a gas mask;
– 3 Crossfit sessions
– My final week of a three week jnr Smolov cycle which has seen me squatting at 85-105% of my previous one rep max for 30 reps every second day;
– a few junk runs;
– a little sand run; and even
– a 1km swim.

So that’s my good news, but the truth is I did fall short of my weekly goal mileage.

So with 69 days to go untill Atacama it is time to stop making excuses and get on with the hard work – more altitude, more sand, more hills and more miles.

Less cake, less booze and less overcommitting to social pursuits at the expense of my training.


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ultramarathon runner, desert runner, trail runner, musician, vegetarian, tattoos, lawyer.

One response to “I loooove da cake”

  1. Sandra Dee says :

    All I can say is you are AMAZING Tash!!! Go you, you are such an inspiration xxx

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