Strong is the new skinny


Strict pull ups at CrossFit this morning. My arms were hurting.

“I need a band” I said to my coach.

I did the first round of 21 pull ups following 21 hang clean thrusters and 21 deficit push ups assisted by one band. Second round and I yelled out for another band. My coach looked at me like he thought I was taking the easy option. Maybe I was but when the next round of thrusters was up, I could barely hold the bar. My forearms were aching.

I punched myself in the forearm a few times then just grit my teeth through the rest of the workout.

When the clock stopped my coach asked me how I felt. I said my forearms were hurting. He nodded like he thought they should hurt.

So I reflected over the last week of training – yes lots of running but that shouldn’t affect my arms.

Hmmm…maybe it was that moonlight night hike/run with my new trekking poles. I was out in the forest in the dark and every time I heard a shuffle in the trees I gripped my poles tight, ready to use as a weapon. I knew the noise was most likely a wallaby but growing up in Salisbury, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it could be a rapist or a murderer. Better to be prepared and grip those poles tight like fighting sticks than to regret it later.

Hmmm….what else?

Maybe all those renegade rows? Maybe the hundreds of power cleans I’ve been working on? Maybe the trillions of burpees (well not quite trillions :P)?

I have been freaking out just a little bit this week with the realisation that I only really have 10 weeks of solid training left before Atacama. I have so much work to do.

This race is not just about running. In fact running with that giant pack feels like a whole new concept of running. But in addition to the running I have to be strong – strong enough to carry all I need for an entire week on my back whilst running 250km across the driest desert in the world.

So back to my aching forearms. Well on reflection, I realised they were aching because I had worked bloody hard last week. I had challenged my body in new ways and I was sore for it – in a good way 🙂

As I lay on the floor of the gym, not quite recovered from today’s WOD but happy and admiring my, what I now envisaged as Pop Eye, forearms I thought about all the strong women I know – so many of them accomplishing great things this weekend (especially Tay). How honored I am to have such strong women to look up to and be inspired by. Why aren’t these women on the front of every magazine? On TV?

Why aren’t these women in the mainstream media and not just my facebook newsfeed inspiring a whole new generation of young impressionable girls?

I remembered a stupid ex boyfriend who once said my arms were too hard to be girl arms. What a dumb arse (I beat his sorry arse in an arm wrestle).

Strong is the new skinny you stupid stupid boy.


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