Atacama – the journey begins


Ok, so officially my training for Atacama started a month ago but my heart hasn’t been in it. I’ve been tired, run down and depressed.

Have I mentioned I hate Winter? The grey skies, the dark mornings, the bitter cold, nothing to rejoice in.

Then last week I ran the Surf Coast
Marathon. I hadn’t run more than 20km since The North Face 100 so it’s fair to say I was under trained.

The thing is, despite hurting so bad, this race had the desired effect. The sand sections reminded me how much work needs to be done between now and Atacama and the absolute beauty of the course totally inspired me and reminded me why I adore this sport. Yes there is work to be done, but I want to do it. I’m ready!

I ordered a new pack to train with – the Inov8 Pro Race 30 L. Tonight was my first run with it.


Initially I couldn’t quite figure out how to tighten the pack to fit the contours of my body. 2km into my run I was in an outrage. The pack was jumping and bouncing all over the place. I was so angry that when a taxi turned into me, almost hitting me by failing to give way, I chased the car and smashed my fist on the bonnet. Yes, I did that. I blame the pack.

Anyway, a little further down the road and I figured out how to tighten the pack properly. Soon pure bliss followed as I started to imagine myself running
through the Atacama Desert.

Exciting times! I am so friggin excited! 🙂


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ultramarathon runner, desert runner, trail runner, musician, vegetarian, tattoos, lawyer.

One response to “Atacama – the journey begins”

  1. Lizzy42.2B says :

    It was great to catch up with you @ the Surfcoast marathon. I’m sure it was that rainbow at the 35km mark that kickstarted you and me both 🙂

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