Grey clouds and old black dogs


It is June and the grey sky has set over Melbourne once again.

This year I thought it might be different. I am able to appreciate the subtle beauty of Winter: the green of the forest, the warmth of a well earned shower post run on a freezing morning, the simple pleasures of warm tea.

Yet the grey sky has cast its curse on me just like any other Winter. My fitness, my health, my running, my veganism – none of this makes me immune to that old black dog, the faithful companion who loyally sleeps at the foot of my bed every Winter.

Last week I asked to go part time at work. Part of the reason being that I need more time to walk and feed the old black dog.

Two things surprised me last week as a result of this decision – firstly how supportive some people can be – and I mean the ones you least expect. I asked for help and I got it. I didn’t get patronising sympathy I got sincere and useful compassion and empathy.

Secondly, how some people can very quickly judge – and open their mouth and let that judgment out without having a clue. Some of the judging comments I received being:

How will this look on you professionally?

But you don’t have children. You can’t go part time if you don’t have children.

And my favourite:

You’re kidding me!

The point of this blog is not to justify my choices so I won’t respond to those comments, but to point out how a quick judgment with no understanding can be as harmful as pulling a knife on a fellow human being.

Remember that Winter is long for many. There are many old loyal black dogs who return to their owners for the cold grey months. So be kind to one another and remember that judgment only reflects on the judgor (yes i think i made that word up, but you get my point :))



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ultramarathon runner, desert runner, trail runner, musician, vegetarian, tattoos, lawyer.

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