Don’t be a shit head


There’s a difference between a niggle and pain.

As a runner, I get niggles all the time. Something is pretty much always out of whack, something always hurts a little bit or gives me just a little bit of grief. It goes with the territory, nothing to cry about.

Pain on the other hand doesn’t just hurt, it’s draining. It doesn’t matter which physical body part is affected, pain becomes a burden on the soul. The thought of it, even the memory, long after the injury has faded, can bring you to tears.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I get a pain in my back. This pain is quite sentimental and makes me quite emotional.

Rather than get these things seen to when they are just at the niggle stage, I have developed a habit of letting them blow into full blown pain before I think about going to see someone to get it fixed. So true to my word, I waited till this pain was at least a nine out of ten (by Tuff-nut standards) before I thought to make an osteo appointment. Of course he was booked out and of course, this made me feel even more sorry for myself.

I took the sulking option and decided I’d let this pain escalate into a full blown 11 (Spinal Tap standards) before I thought about my options.

Yesterday I got a personal email from my osteo offering to fix me up today and true to his word, he fixed me up good.

As I was leaving his office, I started to get quite emotional and I blubbered “I just get really emotional about my back pain.”

The truth is, I do get quite emotional about my pain, but I get even more emotional about simple acts of kindness. Those good health care professionals, I know they’re doing their job and they probably don’t think much about it, but the act of healing, well that gets me super emotional. My gratitude, well that’s what makes me blubber strange things as I’m paying my bill and leaving the clinic.

It got me thinking about a story I quite often tell people about my mum (she’s given me permission to retell this story here).

My mum suffered a really terrible depression when I was younger. My mum is also a shopaholic. During her really bad phases, she stayed in bed mostly. She had to give up her job. The one thing she would do was go to the shops every now and then just to get out of the house. That alone, was a huge effort for her.

Some days, she’d get a real shit head of a check out chic at Coles. Keep in mind that this trip to Coles was my mum’s first outing in maybe weeks. This snooty nosed woman was the first person my mum had spoken to in days. Ms Coles doesn’t know any better. She’s having a shit day and she doesn’t want to be there. So when my mum asks her how she is, she ignores her question. When my mum tries to make light conversation, she pretends she can’t hear her or worse yet, grunts at her with a look of judgment on her face.

Well Ms Coles, that was enough to send my mum straight home to bed – and those were the good days.

Sometimes though, my mum would go in to Sportsgirl and sometimes Ms Brunette would be working. Ms Brunette would always take the time to speak to my mum, ask her how her day was and she’d remember anything of interest my mum might say and ask her about it the next time she was in the store. Ms Brunette was just doing her job and she liked to be friendly – she enjoyed talking to her customers.

When mum came home from the shops after speaking with Ms Brunette she’s stay out of bed for the rest of the day. She’d tell us about her day and show us what she bought at the shops.

Point is, a little bit of kindness goes a really long way and you never know how your actions might impact on another person.

So don’t be a shit head.



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2 responses to “Don’t be a shit head”

  1. karctic says :

    Thanks for that one Tash…. I just realised that tho Im always nice to people in person, I can be a shit head online. Big wake up call… xxxx

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