Last day at work…for a while.

Last day at work...for a while.

Today was my last day at work before the BRR.

I feel how I imagine a more conventional woman would feel on her last day of work before going on maternity leave.

For the last six months I’ve been creating this. Training hard, eating well. There have been injuries.

My collegues have listened to me talk in detail about all of this.

They’ve been there through the thick and thin. Listened to me talk excitedly about running back to back to back long runs, about running the Kep Ultra Marathon, about eating freeze dried food and camping out to “simulate race conditions.”

They have tolerated the not so happy Tash who had a sore foot and refused to wear shoes at work. Who never went anywhere without her stash of frozen peas and who, let’s put it bluntly, was a bit of a bitch.

Now I am on my own.

Now, the excitement really begins.

This is really happening.

I won’t be seeing those people again until I have run 250km across the Simpson Desert (or died trying :P).

This is all becoming very real and I’m supercharged and super grateful.

Today, I thank my work friends – both old and new.

I get so excited when I see donations and comments of support that have been left on my fundraising page from all my old Adelaide collegues.

The support my old general counsel colleagues have provided to me has been amazing. You guys are the bomb!

And my new work – I can’t believe they let me take three weeks off, four weeks into a new job to do this! and not only are they “letting” me do this, they have been so interested and supportive.

I know many of you think the career path I have chosen doesn’t quite fit the tattooed musician you know. The truth is, this career has made me the runner I am today.

Thorough research skills, analytical, resilient and determined….all traits that make for both a good lawyer and a good ultrarunner.

Peace out and enjoy the absence of the Loudest Laugh ….until my return 🙂


About tashytuffnut

ultramarathon runner, desert runner, trail runner, musician, vegetarian, tattoos, lawyer.

One response to “Last day at work…for a while.”

  1. rose neild says :

    What an awesome challenge. Very impressed!! Isn’t it amazing how well this distance running thing fits with careers like law and medicine!
    ENjoy the desert, enjoy the challenge. I will be following you!

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